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Caravans need special treatment due to their parking locations which is usually in campsites under the  trees for shadow. As a result the roof gets filled by acids from the birds and the trees. We advice a qualitative wax to ensure better protection before placing your caravan at the same places again.

Soft -top cabriolet roof painting

Many factors such as the sun, dust, humidity, fumes and cat scratches leave permanent stains and affect the roof of a cabriolet (which is made of fabric) and affects the fabric color which gets discolored or even peels off.

Once again you can visit our workshop for a solution for this problem. We paint the roof according to the original manufactured color and therefore we make it looking as good as new. The long life of your rooftop will be extended if you visit us for regular maintenance using specialized products.

Plastic Repair Restoration

Internal plastic parts of the car such as door handles, steering wheel, central console, and dashboard gradually get discolored since their original paint comes off. Using this plastic restoration method, we are able to repair and paint any internal plastic so that its original color will be restored without the paint coming off again.

Fabric burn repair caused by cigarette

Modern technology allows us to repair your car seat cigarette burns and other car seat burns at your home or office. What we do is remove any damaged fabric from the car seat then we use a state of the art fiber compound to fill the hole. The next step is to match the color of the seat with state of the art fibers ensuring a close to invisible seat burn repair adding value and improving the image of your car.



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