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This service specializes on comprehensive ecological cleaning and maintenance of your automobile, starting with the exterior paint and by using compound to eliminate scratches which have been caused by cats, tree branches and various wrong washing techniques, this way managing to restore and correct the smoothness of the paint. The car is then polished so that the shine of the paint is restored and finally, the car is waxed for protection from exterior high temperatures and winter humidity. Next, we move on with the external plastics of the car which are cleaned using special valeting products. Afterwards we spread special emulsions so that these plastics do not fade out.

The car valeting service can be classified in two main areas, the car’s interior area and the car’s exterior parts.

Interior Area’s valeting includes the following components.

Car parts made of fabric (i.e. seats, side doors, floors, boots etc.), are shampooed, brushed and then left to soak in the ecological foam which the fabric absorbs in order to disinfect and fight down fungi, bacteria and any other kind of dirt. Alternately leather parts, are treated with steam cleaning in order to open the pores, followed by a scrub of the leather and finalized by the application of a special cream which protects the leather from temperatures variations.
The only exception is the roof which is dry cleaned instead of shampooed so that the fabric does not detach from the roof.
As far as boot is concerned, we remove all objects such as the spare tyre, car jack, safety reflector etc from the car’s boot and we clean the entire space with a disinfectant shampoo. After finishing, we place all car accessories back to their place.

All interior plastics & vinyl’s of the car are cleaned according to the car manufacturer’s instructions and our 35+ years of experience using ecological shampoos in order to be decontaminated. Finally, we apply an oil treatment for prolonging the life of the various parts.

Also safety belts become very dirty from dust and gases entering the car through the windows and due to constant use by sweaty hands. As a result, they become very dirty when their color is not dark. Car valeting service can restore the color of the belt at its original condition, especially if this color is beige.

Exterior Area’s valeting includes the following components.

Ultraviolet radiation, high/low temperatures, saline water, rain, bird excrements and sticking tree tar are only some of the factors affecting your car’s paint negatively, this way causing a partial or total loss of its original quality and brightness. In case the paint has partially lost its brightness, then Polish is recommended. In case the paint has lost its brightness completely, then Compound Polish is recommended. After Polish or Compound, the paint is coated with Wax for maintenance and protection. We recommend compound, polish & wax to be performed twice a year for the prolonged life of your cars paint.

High temperatures, mud, dust and fumes are some of the factors which contribute to the ware and tare of the plastic parts of your car (i.e. bumpers, pedals, line protectors, mirrors etc.). This service cleans, restores and revives the color to its original factory state.

This service cleans and shines the windscreen and windows both internally and externally. Insects, fumes and nicotine are removed along with saline water which in many occasions cause permanent stains. In this process as well as in all valeting treatments that include water we use only deionized water.

Nowadays modern vehicles are manufactured using nickel imitating materials which oxidize much faster than nickel and therefore need to be treated properly and more often in order to maintain their original shininess.

After cleaning, a special overlay is applied for uniformity and for the protection and restoration of the tire’s color in order to restore their original condition.

Brake parts treatment, shining and restoration of cast iron & aluminum rims.

We steam wash your engine while covering and protecting its electrical parts in order to avoid malfunction of the circuits. In this procedure we also revive the plastics and apply specialized products in order to keep them intact from high temperatures discoloration that happen in depth of time.

Minor damages caused by stone chips gradually become quite evident at the front part of your car. With this service we “heal” the open “wounds” by producing the actual car’s paint through the code number of the car and by using a brush to cover all these marks. This way, we make sure that the paint will not come off and that the car will not look like it has been shot.

After a few years of use, the front headlights of your vehicle become affected by the hot sun and its UV rays thus making them unaesthetic and reducing their strength which is very dangerous for your night vision while driving.
With this particular service, we clean the damaged surface and we restore the clarity and brightness of the headlight to 100%.



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