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About Us

About Us

aboutusThe Car Valeting Centre Co. Ltd was established in 1980 with love, respect and zeal towards cars. The company’s objective is to offer unique services and at the same time to provide important guidance and advice with regards to cleaning, maintenance and care of the car so that this will acquire maximum protection from damages and alteration caused by everyday attrition.

What is important to mention is that the materials we use for any type of cleaning or protection service are all ecological, colorless, odorless and environmentally friendly, this way avoiding possible allergies that may be caused by other materials.

Our many years of experience, our experienced personnel, in addition to our well-equipped infrastructure with high tech machinery and tools, serve, on a daily basis, many respectable friends and associates such as the following: Pilakoutas Group, BMW, MINI, JAGUAR, RANGE ROVER, NISSAN, CYPRUS IMPORT CORPORATION, DOMS (RENAULT), ALFA ROMEO, PORSCHE, SAAB, HYUNDAI, VOLVO, LEXUS. Additionally, we serve many used-car dealers at no big cost so that these are ready for presentation without appearing bumped by possible damages which might have resulted due to their usage and age.

We always operate according to international specifications, with WRITTEN GUARANTEES about the quality of our work, with permits and insurance coverage for the receipt or delivery of the car at your own space. We can also provide you with a rental car or motorbike through our associates in case your car needs to remain at our workshop for more than 1 or 2 days for repairs.

The administration, personnel and our company’s director, Mr. Stavros Poullos, would like to thank for the trust you have shown to us for so many years.

Stavros Poullos (Owner)

“Trust the professionals”

The Car Valeting Centre.



“Stavros offers the best service in the car industry” – Petros Goulas “I only trust my car to Car Valeting ” – Constantina Theocharous “The only place i can clean my car without scratches” – George Athanasiou


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